Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Embroidered Red Sexy Fingerless Lace Satin Bridal Gloves

From some bridal accessories we know, the availability of glove may pay much our attention. As one of many parts of wedding items, the selection of the most suitable of it is sometimes difficult since there are lots of styles and designs of bridal. So are you a bribe looking for wedding gloves? If you are now getting confused to get the rightest gloves for you, you may consider this sexy embroidered fingerless lace satin glove. The design is very attractive and creative. With the brightest red color will make you look very cheerful and gorgeous. These gloves would be very matching going with the white ivory wedding dress. If you are getting attracted of these nice bridal products.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Navel Ring - Fashion Trend

The navel ring also known as the belly button ring had come to fashion in early 90's. Initially it was showcased by some of the top models and actresses but leisurely, it made its space as an essential ornament in the jewellery boxes.

The belly button ring looks at its finest when styled with a low waist jeans and short tops. Belly Button Rings is a modern invention and has never been recorded in primitive cultures. When asked from few of the college going girls about why do they like navel rings, some said because its just plain sexy while others said that it gains attention when tinkles in the bare stomach!

Silver And Gold Belly Chains

When it comes to sexy, trendy jewelry nothing can quite top a belly chain. While not everyone can pull off wearing this very sexy type of accessory, when worn correctly it creates the perfect steamy look for those occasions when you want to get some serious attention and stand out in the crowd.

Let’s take a look at your options with belly chains and the best outfits to wear this type of jewelry with. We will also take a look at your choices in regard to material and the different types of chains, most specifically those which are attached to piercings and those which are free flow.

A belly chain is a type of sexy body jewelry that is worn around your waist. It is meant to be just the right size so that the curve of your hips stops the chain from slipping down. You will find that most belly chains are adjustable, therefore you do not need to worry very much about which size to order as many are one size fits all. There are also belly chains which attach to belly button piercings in which case that will hold up the chain as well. The preferred and expected look of the belly chain is to not have a snug fit, but rather have at least an inch or so of play in the waist area. This type of jewelry is meant to enhance your waist line.

Sexy Wedding Dress

Bridal Dresses in Various Cultures A Muslim bride living in South Asia or East Asia will be dressed up wearing red Jewelry items like finger rings, earrings and lockets are some of the common jewelry items used by western brides. Silver, gold, floral, black and artificial jewelry are some of the basic types of popular bridal jewelries. In different cultures, different types and styles of jewelries are popular.

Jewelry is an essential accessory for brides to wear with their special wedding dresses. Bridal Jewelry In order to make the bride look prettier and more beautiful, she wears jewelry. These accessories include veils, purses, bouquets, wraps, tiaras and crowns, headbands and scarves. Various accessories are used with these bridal dresses to add beauty and style.

These amazing bridal gowns are made of materials such as nylon, net, lace, silk and satin. They vary in lengths from short to long, but generally long gowns are preferred as they look decent and elegant. These wedding gowns are available in various styles and designs. Bridal Dress in Western Culture In western culture, a typical bride wears a long white wedding gown.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

City of Colored Gemstones and Jewellery

Jaipur is India’s second important gems and jewellery exporting centre and the first for sales to foreign tourists. With a history dating back to more than two and a half centuries, the famed Indian Gems City of Jaipur is still a hotspot in Gems 'n' Jewellery.

From tradition-bound manual processing of colored gems and the manufacture of specialised jewellery like Minakari, the long passage to a modern gems and jewellery sector has been a difficult and rather slow transition, but Jaipur has endeavoured to keep pace with changing times. It has been a double challenge - living up to past glory, while moving ahead in modern times to meet growing global competition. So what Jaipur offers now is actually a glorious synthesis of the ancient and the contemporary.

Jaipur had not only been the main colored gems processing centre of India, but also a global centre because most of the world supply of cut and polished emerald flowed out from this gems city. Besides emeralds, Jaipur has been processing the whole rainbow of colored gems, as well as pearls. The traditional processing work undertaken here with outstanding skill includes cutting and polishing of over a hundred species of colored gemstones, both natural and synthetic, carving, bead-making, stringing, manufacture of objets d’art and fine jewellery. A local Ustad (master cutter) has performed the rare feast of cutting 1400 tiniest emeralds, totally weighing a single carat ! A world record indeed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Unique Gold Jewelry With Natural Colored

Some of the best examples of this type of gold jewelry are the use of ethnic. Beautiful jewelry uses natural colored beads and unpolished stones that are never over-the-top and always-in-style. Much of the appeal of these types of pieces is that they are one-of-a-kind, with an effortless chic that creates a low-maintenance vibe.

In the past, jewelry has been about modesty, expression and beauty. Today, Beautiful designers continue to push the envelope, creating modern, and sometimes outrageous pieces that make us all want to be a bit bolder as we strive to stand out from the crowd.

The 'it' girl jewelry of-the-moment is a bit unconventional. It's no longer about small stones, basic silver, gold and pearls. It's about using authentic and textured materials to create pieces out of plastic, wood, ceramics, shells, leather and stones. These earthly materials are reminiscent of the free-flowing days of the 60s and 70s when convention went out the window. They are being used in bold and creative ways to add contrast to an outfit or create a unique style signature.

Celebs can easily get away with wearing over-the-top jewelry on stage or for magazine shoots. So, how can you incorporate this look into your everyday wardrobe? Start with just one piece and work your way up to layering the look. Soon, you'll exude confidence and character, as your jewelry style gets a little more daring. If you're not sure about a piece, wear it around the house first until you work up the confidence to make an entrance.