Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver And Gold Belly Chains

When it comes to sexy, trendy jewelry nothing can quite top a belly chain. While not everyone can pull off wearing this very sexy type of accessory, when worn correctly it creates the perfect steamy look for those occasions when you want to get some serious attention and stand out in the crowd.

Let’s take a look at your options with belly chains and the best outfits to wear this type of jewelry with. We will also take a look at your choices in regard to material and the different types of chains, most specifically those which are attached to piercings and those which are free flow.

A belly chain is a type of sexy body jewelry that is worn around your waist. It is meant to be just the right size so that the curve of your hips stops the chain from slipping down. You will find that most belly chains are adjustable, therefore you do not need to worry very much about which size to order as many are one size fits all. There are also belly chains which attach to belly button piercings in which case that will hold up the chain as well. The preferred and expected look of the belly chain is to not have a snug fit, but rather have at least an inch or so of play in the waist area. This type of jewelry is meant to enhance your waist line.

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